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Thijs Van Loon

Thijs Van Loon

For over 18 years, I've crisscrossed continents, gathering expertise in a wide range of industries. My journey as a certified skills development facilitator, trainer, and executive coach began not in classrooms, but in the trenches alongside tech titans like Google and Apple. There, I refined my craft as a skills trainer, embracing the best practices that now fuel my workshops and coaching sessions across Asia.
With over 60 countries visited, I've implemented transformations in sales communication, team management, and even empowered trainers themselves through impactful "Train the Trainer" courses. Alongside executive coaching, I help individuals and teams not just excel, but thrive. Now, based on my experience I write about skills training, please read my blog for more!

Certificates, Diplomas & More

  • Masters in Business Administration (MSc.) – Radboud University – The Netherlands, 2002
  • Google certified trainer – Google Europe, 2005
  • Google certified mentor trainer & coach – Google Europe, 2007
  • Google Train the trainer certification – Google Europe, 2008
  • Apple certified Trainer – Apple Computers, 2011
  • Apple certified mentor trainer – Apple Computers, 2014
  • Apple Trainer readiness Lead certification – Apple Computers, 2015
  • Apple Train the trainer certification – Apple Computers, 2015
  • NLP Practitioner – IEP Netherlands, 2012
  • NLP Master Practitioner – NTI-NLP Netherlands, 2014
  • Information Human Design (IHD) Level 1 – Loosdrecht, The Netherlands, 2021
  • Psych-K accredited facilitator – Melbourne, Australia, 2022
  • Information Human Design (IHD) Level 2 – Loosdrecht, The Netherlands, 2022
  • DISC Flow accredited facilitator – Ho Chi Minh City – October 2022
  • Information Human Design (IHD) Level 3 – Loosdrecht, The Netherlands, 2023
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