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About Us: Betterworks Asia

We help clients in Southeast Asia improve their teamwork through leadership and skill development programs. Our founder & trainer, Thijs van Loon, is a certified skills development facilitator, trainer and executive coach with a wealth of experience that spans over 18 years across two continents and numerous indistries. His career trajectory includes pivotal roles at tech giants Google and Apple, where he not only honed his skills but also embraced the best practices that he now integrates into his workshops and coaching sessions as a freelance trainer in Asia. Thijs’s journey has taken him across more than 60 countries, where he has imparted cutting-edge skills in sales communication, team management, and Train the Trainer courses, alongside executive coaching.

About Betterworks Asia

Early Career and Certification

At Google and Apple, as the Trainer Readiness Lead,  Thijs embodied the core values and innovative practices that have made these companies leaders in their field. His commitment to practical, immediately applicable solutions is evident in his training approach, which is both field-tested and tailored to the specific needs of businesses. Beyond his corporate experience, Thijs is also a certified NLP Master Practitioner and Psych-K Coach, qualifications that underscore his expertise and dedication to personal development.

Freelance Trainer in Asia

As the founder and director of Betterworks Asia, Thijs has shifted his focus towards empowering professionals, leaders, and companies in developing in Southeast Asia. His programs are renowned for fostering professional skills improvement and offering trusted coaching services. His expertise spans a wide range of areas, including communication, time management, multi-disciplinary coaching, and DISC profiling, among others.

Education and Accreditations

Thijs’s educational background is as impressive as his career, holding a Master’s in Business Administration from Radboud University, The Netherlands. He has accumulated a vast array of certifications from Google and Apple, relating to training, mentoring, and coaching. These are complemented by his accreditations in NLP, Psych-K, and DISC Flow, illustrating a lifelong commitment to learning and professional development.

Thijs van Loon’s profile is a testament to his journey of continuous growth, expertise, and his ability to adapt and thrive in diverse environments. His certifications across all areas of his work not only certify him as an expert but also reflect his commitment to excellence and effectiveness in everything he does.

Certificates, Diplomas & More

  • Masters in Business Administration (MSc.) – Radboud University – The Netherlands, 2002
  • Google certified trainer – Google Europe, 2005
  • Google certified mentor trainer & coach – Google Europe, 2007
  • Google Train the trainer certification – Google Europe, 2008
  • Apple certified Trainer – Apple Computers, 2011
  • Apple certified mentor trainer – Apple Computers, 2014
  • Apple Trainer readiness Lead certification – Apple Computers, 2015
  • Apple Train the trainer certification – Apple Computers, 2015
  • NLP Practitioner – IEP Netherlands, 2012
  • NLP Master Practitioner – NTI-NLP Netherlands, 2014
  • Information Human Design (IHD) Level 1 – Loosdrecht, The Netherlands, 2021
  • Psych-K accredited facilitator – Melbourne, Australia, 2022
  • Information Human Design (IHD) Level 2 – Loosdrecht, The Netherlands, 2022
  • DISC Flow accredited facilitator – Ho Chi Minh City – October 2022
  • Information Human Design (IHD) Level 3 – Loosdrecht, The Netherlands, 2023

Some Happy Customers

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Detailed Trainee Feedback

Survey Results – NPS and usability

Net promoter score (NPS): “How likely are you to recommend this training to your friends, family or business associates?”
Usability (USB): “How well can you use what you have learned in your day today (working) activities?”

Training Topics
NPS Score
Usability Score
Structured problem solving
Structured problem solving
Structured problem solving
Time Management
Sales Skills
Negotiation Skills

Trainings & Coaching Over the Years

Google and Apple
Sales trainings in Russia, UK, Netherlands
Workshops in Vietnam
Expansion to Singapore

Our Regional Headquarters in Southeast Asia

Betterworks Asia – Vietnam
412 Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai,
Phường 5, Quận 3,
Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh,

Phone: +368506004

Betterworks Asia – Singapore
114 Lavender Street
#11-83 CT Hub 2

Phone: +6569081068