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Management & High Performance Coaching

Achieve peak performance and success with personalized coaching that helps high-potential individuals and leaders like yourself.

Unlock Your Potential

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The Problem

A lack of personal support and guidance which hampers career growth and peak performance.

Do any of these statements resonate?

  • Are you struggling to find your purpose for career and growth?


  • Do you feel confused about how to overcome obstacles and reach your full potential as a high-potential individual or leader?

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A Coach Who Can Guide You To Your True Potential

Many ambitious professionals know they want to boost their careers but find themselves at a crossroads, unsure of the best path forward to excel and unlock their full potential.

Our unique coaching programs empower high-potential individuals and leaders in your company to overcome challenges, discover their purpose, and unlock their hidden energy resources for peak performance and success.

Professional skills workshops with guaranteed positive outcomes

Our Professional Skills Workshops are strategically crafted to elevate both individual careers and entire company teams. With a suite of over 30 workshops, tailored for customization to any team’s level, we focus on enhancing skills in areas like time management, communication, negotiation, sales, and presentation. Each session is designed to improve collaboration, efficiency, and success rates within your organization, offering a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application, including a complimentary follow-up session. Ideal for companies aiming to empower their workforce with essential professional skills, our workshops offer a comprehensive training solution that aligns with your specific organizational goals.

Our Coaching Services Includes:

NLP Coaching

We start by using DISC Flow for an initial assessment for the basis for the coaching sessions and for the goals set by the coachee. A typical NLP coaching session runs through the following steps:

  • Rapport & NLP Introduction:

Build rapport and introduce NLP principles for performance enhancement.

  • Belief Reframing & Anchoring:

Identify and reframe limiting beliefs; teach anchoring for positive states.

  • Communication & Visualization:

Enhance communication with NLP; guide visualization for goal achievement.

  • Time Line & Performance Strategies:

Apply Time Line Therapy; develop performance strategies with NLP.

  • Feedback, Integration & Follow-up:

Provide feedback, support integration of NLP into routines, and schedule follow-up sessions.

PSYCH-k Coaching

Psych-K coaching sessions focus on quickly and effectively changing subconscious beliefs to align with desired goals and outcomes. The process involves a combination of muscle testing, positive affirmations (balancing statements), and integration techniques to bring about positive and lasting change. The Psych-k coaching is always structured around the following steps, based on the G.R.O.W. model:

  • Goal Clarification:

Clearly define the specific goal or issue the individual wants to address during the session.

  • Muscle Testing:

Use muscle testing (biofeedback) to access the subconscious mind and identify limiting beliefs.

  • Balancing Statements:

Develop positive and empowering beliefs, known as “balances,” to replace the identified limiting beliefs.

  • Integration:

Facilitate the integration of new beliefs by engaging the whole brain through various techniques.

  • Validation:

Confirm the effectiveness of the session through muscle testing to ensure the subconscious acceptance of new beliefs.

  • Action Plan:

Collaboratively create an action plan to support the integration of the new beliefs into daily life.

Small Group Management Coaching

These coaching sessions are tailored for individuals with shared goals or common challenges. Coachees actively engage in collaborative efforts to work towards and achieve their objectives. The structure of these sessions mirrors that of NLP coaching:

Commencing with a DISC Flow assessment for each client, we then proceed through the following steps as a group:

  • Rapport & NLP Introduction:
    Establish a strong rapport and introduce NLP principles to enhance performance.

  • Belief Reframing & Anchoring:
    Identify and reframe limiting beliefs, while teaching anchoring techniques for positive states.

  • Communication & Visualization:
    Improve communication using NLP and guide visualization processes for goal achievement.

  • Time Line & Performance Strategies:
    Utilize Time Line Therapy and develop performance strategies through NLP techniques.

  • Feedback, Integration & Follow-up:
    Provide valuable feedback, assist in integrating NLP into daily routines, and schedule follow-up sessions.

These sessions foster a collaborative environment where coachees collectively navigate through these structured steps to bring about positive changes and achieve their shared objectives.

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HI, I’m Thijs Van Loon, your experienced performance coach driven to provide strategic Learning & Development solutions to individuals and organizations to foster long-term learning.

Thijs Van Loon, the driving force behind Betterworks Asia, combines his extensive {expertise in NLP, Psych-k, and the G.R.O.W. model} with his rich experience in leadership coaching and relationship management. He is dedicated to fostering lifelong learning and human potential expansion in businesses. Thijs’s approach is not just about providing training and coaching, but about crafting solutions for lasting positive change. He excels in communication and organizing, aiding learners to navigate their unique challenges and maximize their performance potential. His philosophy of “learn together, grow together” underpins his commitment to collaborative and impactful high-level performance development.

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