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What’s Performance Coaching & How Can Companies In Vietnam Benefit From It?

Business is ever changing. If you are to stay on top of such a fluid…

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What’s Performance Coaching & How Can Companies In Vietnam Benefit From It?

Business is ever changing. If you are to stay on top of such a fluid and competitive world, it’s crucial that you constantly reinvent yourself and seek the guidance of those who can offer a helping hand. Unfortunately, all too many professionals believe they’re on their own. Enter performance coaching. In this article, I’d like to introduce the concept of performance coaching. By doing so, I’m aiming to create a culture where professionals don’t think twice about seeking assistance–Imagine the type of business culture that can come out of that?

What’s Performance Coaching?

Performance coaching is where professionals enhance their workplace performance through coaching. A little different from coaching that might focus on personal achievement, development, or career advancement, performance coaching focuses on the coachee and their specific targets

→ This means performance coaching is less about the coach telling the coachee what to do and more about the coach helping the coachee find their own answers

Performance coaching is incredibly beneficial, with 99% of individuals and companies who hire a coach report being “satisfied or very satisfied” and 96% say they would repeat the process, as per the ICF Global Coaching Client Study.

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What's performance coaching?

What Are The Benefits Of Performance Coaching? 


Like I mentioned in the previous section, coaches help coachees find their own answers. This means that performance coaching is all about empowering people. Through coaching sessions, people can set their own goals and take full responsibility for finding the tools and skills within themselves to affect change in their professional lives. 


Another benefit of performance coaching is clarity. Coachees usually leave sessions with a deeper understanding of what it is they need to do and the steps they should take to get there. Thoughts become uncluttered and all of a sudden reaching a specific target appears feasible. 


As a result of empowerment and clarity, productivity also increases thanks to performance coaching. Professionals will find they have an easier time getting the job done because they now have a roadmap with which they can move forward into the future. 

Who Can Be A Performance Coach?

A performance coach needs to be…

A Good Listener

Given that performance coaching is focused on letting the coachee to come to their own solutions, a performance coach must be a good listener. This allows them to ask the right questions and guide the conversation where the coachee finds their own solutions.. 


A good performance coach must be able to reflect on the issues of the coachee in order to help them come to a solution. In order to best do that, the coach must be self aware. If they aren’t they can fall into the trap of imposing their ideas on the coachee. 


Coaching, especially when it’s one-on-one, can be a vulnerable situation. This is why one of the most important traits a performance coach needs to have is a non-judgemental attitude. Sometimes just being there and allowing everything to happen is the best mode of action.

How Are Coaching Sessions Structured?

My coaching sessions are usually structured in one of two ways. In this section, I’ll give an overview of both.

Neuro-lingustic Programming Focused Coaching

As a sort of primer, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) focuses on the relationship between our senses, communication, and behavior to affect how we act and how we make those around us feel. Now onto how I use it in performance coaching.

1. Build Rapport

Step one starts off by building rapport. This is crucial because this will determine the efficacy of the rest of the coaching sessions. Once rapport is set, we can start setting a goal. This is where I ask a lot of questions about what the coachee wants. From that, we can start to set expectations

2. Setting Ground Rules

Next come setting a few ground rules. These include rules like nothing here will be shared with anyone and I will not judge. By vocalizing these rules a deeper trust can be built between the coach and coachee. 

3. Identify The Gap & Highlight Limiting Beliefs

Now comes more of the actual hands-on coaching. Identifying the gap refers to knowing what a person’s goal is in comparison to their current state. Between the two is a gap that needs to be overcome. Once we do that, people tend to identify the limiting beliefs that keep them from reaching that goal. 

4. Use NLP Techniques

At this point I can start to use NLP techniques to begin bridging the gap mentioned in the previous step. Communication and visualization help a lot in reinforcing a positive mental state for the coachee to move forward. I can provide feedback where needed but otherwise, let the coachee come to their own conclusion. 

5. Feedback

The last part is where I provide feedback on what’s happened during a particular session and show how it’s possible to apply the knowledge in day-to-day scenarios. Future pacing is used to aid with this. 

Psych-k Focused Coaching

Psych-k focused performance coaching differs compared to NLP in the fact that it utilizes muscle testing. Muscle testing is a biofeedback system that helps with the process to reprogram the brain. 

  1. It starts by muscle tests for various questions to check whether something is true/false.
  2. After this, your body is put into a certain position to balance a goal statement in your mind. 
  3. The right and left hemispheres of your brain then work together to overcome whatever challenge you face.
  4. Once this is integrated, it’s vital to put the action into practice to ensure that you can see real results. 

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Can Performance Coaching Make A Difference In Vietnam?

As something of a personal observation, during my time working in Vietnam I’ve noticed not many professionals actively seek out help in the workplace. Whether this is because it’s considered inappropriate or because they might feel weak and vulnerable is another story but it’s in this type of environment that performance coaching can truly shine. 

How Can Performance Coaching Help?

  • Be Heard

For one, because many professionals don’t seem to seek help in Vietnam, performance coaching can be their first opportunity at being heard. This makes the workplace a much more inclusive place.

  • Skill Acquisition

Performance coaching is great for acquiring any number of workplace skills, which is why it’s so vital for professionals. Even better is the fact that these skills can be tailored to your role in a business, making learning more efficient. 

  • Engagement

According to Gallup, global employee engagement sits at 23%. This is a disheartening number, which is why performance coaching can help out. Helping employees upskill is directly correlated with keeping them in house!

→ As a final distinction, I do want to clarify that while I said not many professionals actively seek out help, we are now finding that Gen-Z does take a proactive approach to this. However, there still remains a certain ambivalence towards performance coaching that needs to be addressed. 

How I Can Help

With over almost two decades experience, including impactful roles at Google and Apple, I, Thijs van Loon, am your Professional Skills Development Facilitator in Asia. My suite of services is meticulously designed to propel your team to new heights. 

One area of expertise is in Management & High Performance Coaching, which can cover anything from NLP coaching, Psych-k coaching, and small group management coaching. 

By leveraging training certifications from Google and Apple, in addition to my certifications in NLP and Psych-K, I offer tailored, practical solutions that deliver immediate results to your business. By working together, I can help you empower the individuals in your company and your business at large, whether this be in Vietnam or other locations around the world.

Interested in management & high performance coaching? Get in touch now. 

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