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"We have appreciated your professionalism and your great passion on what you are doing! We definitely keep Betterworks Asia in our portfolio of partners for our future projects."

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Service Rendered

Provide sales and leadership teams with the necessary skills to run a large scale operation of re-negotiating supplier relationships and ensure this knowledge can be shared in-house by seasoned professionals.


Background: Operating in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector, this company, with a workforce exceeding 5000 employees, specializes in a diverse range of food and non-food products. Primarily engaging in B2B sales, which constitutes around 80% of its business, the company has consistently grappled with the challenge of maintaining consistent contracts and relationships with thousands of suppliers.


Throughout 2020-2021, the company confronted a pressing issue as approximately 30% of its suppliers faced contract renewals. The ensuing backlog of overdue contracts triggered significant uncertainty and financial losses for the business, demanding immediate attention and resolution.


To address the contract renewal challenge head-on, the company collaborated with Betterworks Asia and its network of partners to organize, design, and run a large-scale Negotiation Skills program. This initiative aimed to empower account managers at the highest levels with new negotiation skills, directly engage with over 2000 suppliers, and establish in-house capabilities for training and coaching through enhanced negotiation skills. The program included a 3-day training session for 84 participants, encompassing both beginner and advanced courses, featuring tailor-made role plays, and the implementation of full negotiation plans. Additionally, a 2-day train-the-trainer course was conducted for 11 senior managers and directors, enabling them to continue delivering the training in-house.


The comprehensive Negotiation Skills program yielded remarkable outcomes. Notably, the company achieved a 100% success rate in renewing all contracts. Moreover, the managers in charge and sales relationship managers witnessed substantial improvements in supplier conditions, revenue targets, and marketing allowances, showcasing their newfound ability to negotiate effectively. Today, the company enjoys stronger relationships with its suppliers than ever before, underscoring the enduring impact of the negotiation skills program.