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Pizza 4P's

I had the pleasure of working with Thijs van Loon, a highly skilled trainer and consultant. Thijs played a very important role in helping us with our training plans. He introduced a way to measure how our behavior changed in the organization. He also did great training sessions on leadership, management, and communication skills. (What makes Thijs special is not just his knowledge, but also his friendly personality. He worked with our partners in a very professional way, and I personally learned a lot from him. He connects with people in a way that leaves a strong impression. Thijs is highly valued in our organization for the great impact he had on our team. I also have been admired by his way of approach how he had conducted the training, which is quite organized, well structured and more over result oriented.

Industry: Restaurant
Location: Ho Chi Minh City

Service Rendered

Full scale consulting service: build a team, a strategy, a training program and a complete 360 review for skills and behavioral change


Pizza 4Ps holds the title of the most successful restaurant chain in Vietnam. However, due to its popularity, many excellent managers were hired away by competitors, leaving Pizza 4Ps with a leadership deficit. To address this, the company initiated a leadership program, enrolling high-potential individuals. The program also brought attention to the challenge of transferring Pizza 4Ps’ culture across the rapidly growing organization, given the departure of numerous leaders. To tackle this issue, two key elements were identified: the need for a cultural leader to preserve and spread the 4Ps culture, and the development of a training strategy and implementation plan. This plan aimed to train leaders, trainers, and managers, ensuring the continuity and alignment of the 4Ps culture throughout the company.


Betterworks Asia collaborated with the leadership teams in the central office, HR, and Operations. We conducted a thorough assessment of training needs, formulated a comprehensive training strategy, and established an execution plan for the organization. Additionally, we played a key role in the selection of new trainers and provided them with the necessary training to operate autonomously.


Presently, after 9 months, Pizza 4Ps boasts a fully operational training team overseeing product and professional skills training. This team manages both instructor-led sessions and e-learning initiatives. They not only conduct training sessions and monitor the progress of over 3000 operational staff but also consistently evaluate workshops to ensure ongoing improvement in performance.