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RMIT University Vietnam

We reached out to BetterWorks Asia to help us facilitate ongoing changes in our organization. We found a good partner who was proactive about how we could achieve our objectives. At RMIT Vietnam we understand that most of the learning takes place outside of the training room, so we very deliberately wanted coaching to be part of the program. The fact that BetterWorks Asia had training AND coaching experience made the difference for us. It resulted in noticeable adjustments in how the participating staff looked at change. This had a positive impact on our overall objective of being a leading university of impact in South-East Asia.

Industry: Education
Location: Ho Chi Minh city and Hanoi

Service Rendered

Case study and training program design and build. Full workshops delivery in different stages for over 80 participants on 2 different campuses. Follow-up coaching for 20+ employees.


As a renown international university of impact, RMIT Vietnam is constantly adapting to the world around it. New technologies and new organizational design are all too common for this organization. As these changes are impactful and sometimes demand significant change in workflow and reporting structure, not everyone is adapting to these changes smoothly. This poses challenges to productivity and morale, impacting work lives.


RMIT has been dealing with these anticipated challenges head-on by creating special change teams and change agents, helping to prepare the changes and support the teams to transition into the new workflow and tools. Betterworks Asia was a significant partner, working with the L&D team at RMIT to build solutions in the form of workshops, analysis and other support tools. We conducted training sessions on “Dealing with change” and “Dealing with ambiguity” across various levels of the organization. Additionally, we organized one-on-one coaching sessions to provide tailored strategies for coping with change.


The training sessions received with a lot of positive praise and equipped participants with insights to manage changes personally and support their teams. Individual coaching sessions led to visible behavioral improvements, noted by managers. Employees now view change more positively. Continued training efforts are underway to further enhance adaptability across the organization.