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How Can Leadership & Development Boost Your Business In Vietnam?

Great leaders can be the difference between an average business and a successful one. Despite this, many companies fall short when it comes to developing leadership skills and capabilities. This is why leadership & development programs are so helpful. Aimed at creating leaders that can take businesses to the next level, in this article I’ll explain how and why you need to start incorporating them yourself.

What’s Leadership & Development?

Before getting into how and why leadership & development programs are so effective, let’s first define what the terms mean.

  • Leadership refers to the skills and capabilities that make up a great leader. It’s important to understand that this is not just for individuals but can also be organization-wide
  • Development refers to the processes and activities focused on cultivating and enhancing leadership skills and capabilities. Programs are built around these processes and activities

→ Ultimately, the goal of leadership & development is to create cultures of leadership both on an individual and company-wide level. 

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What's leadership & development?

Why Is Leadership & Development Important? 

Now that you know what leadership & development is, asking why it’s important can feel like something of a rhetorical question. After all, most of us understand that on a basic level, leadership is valuable. So why then, according to Zippia, do 77% of businesses feel that leadership is lacking?

I believe in order to really write home the importance of leadership, you’re going to need a few more reasons.

1. Improve Productivity

By partaking in leadership & development programs, the function of individuals and the whole company improves. This is because with better leadership, day-to-day tasks and future plans are better communicated and executed. 

2. Improve Revenue

Better leaders mean improved productivity, and as a natural trickle-down effect, improved revenue. It’s not hard to see why. If the people in your company have a leader they trust and follow, there’s a higher chance work quality will improve and as such, sales too. Zipdo puts the revenue increase at a 23% jump!

3. Retain Talent

According to Highrise, 63% of companies in the US find it hard to retain workers. Considering how employee engagement plays a key role in ensuring talent stays over time, it’s no wonder then that stats also by Highrise state how 32% of employees in the US aren’t engaged in their jobs. Good leaders ensure everyone is engaged and talent remains.

Who Can Be A Leader? 

While everyone can be a leader, that’s not to say everyone should be a leader. Understanding and making this distinction before starting leadership & development programs is crucial to maximize their efficacy. 

Having said that, here are a few qualities of people who are likely to make good leaders:

Self-aware Good communicator
AdaptableGood listener

Leadership & development programs shine not only in identifying people with many of these qualities, but also helping people to understand why they’re beneficial in the workplace and how to apply them

How Do You Run A Leadership & Development Program?

1. Start With A Good Selection Process

The first step in running a leadership & development program is having a good selection process. This is the point at which I ask questions such as: 

  • What kind of leaders do you need? 
  • What skills do these leaders need to know? 
  • Who needs to learn these leadership skills?

Asking the right questions makes creating a leadership & development program simpler.

2. Set Clear Goals

Once I have an idea of what program a company needs, it’s important to set goals. As much as possible, it’s advisable to create measurable targets. One way to do this is by keeping track of the behavioral changes trainees go through. 

3. Build The Program

Once I know what the goals are, it’s possible to build a program tailored to a company’s specific needs. This involves creating a curriculum that aligns with the leadership competencies looked at in step one. 

4. Implement The Program

Now comes implementing the program. I can set up workshops, figure out coaching and personal development strategies, and I can express what’s required on the side of the trainees. All in all, this is where leadership skills are taught.

5. Evaluate The Program

The final step is to evaluate the program. Feedback is valuable, and feedback can come from the trainees as well as the people the trainees work with on a day-to-day basis. These are the people who actually witness real-time change, and as such, their input should be taken into consideration.  

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How Long Is A Leadership & Development Program?

I believe a good program usually runs between six to twelve months. The reason they last so long is because leadership & development programs have a substantial effect on both the individual and the organization. As such, you need time to allow for changes in leadership skills and capabilities. 

Six to twelve months does not mean continuous training for that duration. What it does mean is periodic evaluations to monitor how leaders’ behavioral changes are affecting themselves, their team, and their company.

Why Do Companies In Vietnam Need Leadership & Development Programs?

Leadership is important everywhere in the world. However, leadership also varies from culture to culture. This is why when taking a look at the need for leadership & development programs in Vietnam, it’s necessary to consider the nation’s cultural values. I’d like to do this by outlining what I’ve noticed during my time working with companies here.

Respect For Paternal Figures

In many Asian countries, there’s a particular respect placed on paternal figures that can also be seen in the workplace. This is no different in Vietnam. Many leaders in the workplace are older, father and mother figures that employees trust wholeheartedly. 

This is why being in a leadership position, especially for foreigners or younger people, is tricker in Vietnam. Above all, it requires time and perseverance to build trust with employees. 

A Lack Of Delegating

Delegating is key for smooth and timely business operations. Unfortunately, given factors like too much weight being placed on paternal, leadership figures, delegation rarely occurs in Vietnamese companies. 

What I tend to see is a bottleneck situation. This slows down business operations because leaders take on too much responsibility without giving team members enough to do. It’s a lose-lose. 

Lack Of Critical Thinking

Part and parcel of the absence of delegating is the fact that there’s a lack of critical thinking amongst workers in Vietnam. This isn’t necessarily their fault, it’s more just a product of the system. 

By delegating and allowing team members to think for themselves, rather than relying on a single leader, it’s possible to create a culture of leadership where everyone is accountable and responsible for taking the team to the next level. 

How I Can Help

With over 18 years of coaching & training experience, including impactful roles at Google and Apple, I, Thijs van Loon, am your Professional Skills Development Facilitator in Asia. My suite of services is meticulously designed to propel your team to new heights. 

One area of expertise is in Professional Skills Development which can cover anything from sales training, team management, and executive coaching. 

By leveraging training certifications from Google and Apple, in addition to my certifications in NLP and Psych-K, I offer tailored, practical solutions that deliver immediate results to your business. By working together, I can help you empower the individuals in your company and your business at large, whether this be in Vietnam or other locations in Southeast Asia. 

Interested in leadership & development? Get in touch now. 

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